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To create, promote and maintain a vibrant Jewish Community in Summerville and the North Area.

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Summerville & North Area Jewish Community Board

Founder: Patrick C. Labbe

Community Leaders: Robyn Wittenberg Dudley & Amy Tabak

Community Ritual Coodinators: Tim Carle & Patrick C. Labbe

Archive of Recent Events

Heritage Series features local guitarist Ulyana Machneva

“Can Forgive, But Cannot Forget” As local guitarist, Ulyana Machneva, played, the diverse and inclusive group introduced themselves and asked Diny Adkins questions. Diny K. Adkins will be 80 years old next year and is memorable. After being presented a plaque entitled “Jewish Hero Award” for recognition of service for Holocaust awareness, the Holocaust survivor and educator


CommUNITY Heritage Series Event: Diny Adkins, Holocaust Survivor/Educator

On June 25th the Summerville/North Area Jewish Community, the Jewish Community Center Without Walls and the Community Resource Center presented a very special program on the Holocaust with speaker Diny K. Adkins who gave an inspiring and heart wrenching talk about her experiences in the Holocaust in Holland. Ms. Adkins a retired Music Therapist was


Summerville Jewish Heritage Historic Marker unveiling was Sunday May 21, 2017

The Summerville Dorchester Museum and the Jewish Historical Society of South Carolina unveiled a historic marker on Short Central on Sunday celebrating Jewish heritage in Summerville. The historical society spent the day in Summerville learning about Jewish life and merchants in Summerville and touring downtown heritage sites and homes. Ernie Marcus, president of the society,


Never forget: Summerville community remembers Holocaust horrors


April 24th Holocaust Program

REMEMBERING THE HOLOCAUST Remembering the Victims and Survivors Through Visual Art, Spoken Word, Music and More The event was a great sucess with participants from all around the local Jewish Community, Excerpts of the play “The Life of Anne Frank” played to a packed house. Many speakers were included in the program including musical performances,


‘Give them a second life’: Holocaust survivor speaks on remembering victims Sunday at Charleston Museum


Yom Hashoah 2017


Passover 2017

The first Seder held by the Summerville/North Area Jewish Community since 2012. (A Seder was held in 2011 in Ladson by the community and another in 2012 in West Ashley by the community as well. ) The 2017 Seder was held in the historic Saul Alexander Masonic Hall on Main St. in Summerville. Joe Robertucci


Summerville recognizes Holocaust Remembrance Day


Holocaust Proclamation April 13th

The six candle memorial Candlelighting, which commemorated the six million Jews who perished, was held at the Summerville Dorchester Museum Garden. The candles were lit by representatives of the Summerville Community Resource Center (Louis Smith), the Summerville North Area Jewish Community (Patrick Labbe), several local descendants of Holocaust victims (Benjamin Tufendrajch pictured), the Summerville Ministerial


Mi Shebeirach
(Prayers for Healing)

  • Linda Rouvet of North Charleston
  • Patrick Labbe of Summerville
  • Christopher Labbe of Florence
  • Janet Sussman of Summerville
  • Barry Elfman of Monks Corner

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