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Heritage Series March 27th

March 27th
Celebrating Women’s Contributions to Arts and Culture


omen’s creative expression and cultural achievements helped to fashion the American cultural landscape. Women musicians, artists, dancers, and writers created works of beauty and intellect that continue to profoundly influence our country. Their achievements in fields of creative endeavor and popular culture enriched the lives of all Americans. Summerville Girls and Women show off their talents. Come join us for another monthly program supporting unity, peace, equality, and love in Summerville!

Sponsored by: Summerville & North Area Jewish Community, Jewish Community Center Without Walls and The Summerville Community Resource Center

Purim 2017!

Purim get together was on Sunday, March 12 at 5 PM for Summerville at Sushi 201 at 5 pm. Very nice place with much more than sushi. We had a great time with a fantastic turnout!